The English reformer William Wilberforce—who launched the Bible Society movement—described his life’s purpose as his “two great objects.” Our vision is that we would be a nation deeply rooted in

God's WordTransformative Christian Community.

Every year, we study how America is doing on these two measures to inform our strategies and influence next steps for the Movable Middle, the 95 million adults in America who are open to the Bible.

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Our State of the Bible research tracks the trends of U.S. adults and their relationship to the Bible, to one another, to material things, to suffering, to joy. We regularly inform other ministries and are cited by leading Christian media. In 2021, ABS produced a peer-reviewed journal article in collaboration with researchers at Harvard University’s T. H. Chan School of Public Health. This is what we know: people who engage with the Bible in community are transformed. Transformation lags or stalls for people who read the Bible on their own. Observations like these will be central to shaping biblical experiences.


As measured by Harvard University’s Human Flourishing Index, the more Bible-centered people are, the more they, and in turn our country, flourish or experience a life marked by:

- More happiness and life satisfaction
- Improved mental and physical health
- Deep meaning and purpose in life
- Strengthened character and virtue
- Satisfying personal relationships

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A plan for today


The right strategy for our time is to organize around today’s two great objects, and—with partners—articulate a great cause to accelerate a national effort.

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Shape cultural narratives by framing a transcendent cause in language for today, using story to influence perceptions of the church through research and the impact of local Changemakers. We’ll start by linking to church networks, and with them convene a national coalition of the motivated.

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Engage and involve hands-on experiences, providing tested tools and approaches for local and national church networks to quickly identify their unique “Spiritual DNA” and the right “next steps” to take, either as a church or an individual. Incorporate our trauma healing and prayer networks as first users.

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Inform and Innovate using research to spot obstacles and opportunities for Scripture engagement. Possible actions include convening solution providers and “hackathons,” speeding time to market with a focused“Innovation Fund,” and showcasing new approaches in ABS’s ChangeLab.

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An introduction to investing in change through The Changemakers Project.